Citrus Blast: select notes of complimenting citrus

Coconut Vanilla: luscious sweet scents of coconut & vanilla

Hawaii10: reminiscent of the Hawaii lei

Hemp: earthy essential oils, hemp oil, hemp seeds

Lavender: complimenting lavender scents

Leave Me Alone: lavender, rosemary, & other clarifying scents

Oatmeal & Honey: subtle reminiscence of a sweet baked cookie

Pink Love: highly fragrant rose & other floral scents

Regal Man (men): sexy, masculine, royal

Rosemary/ Mint: rosemary & mint combination

Rustic: woodsy, leathery

Tropical Vibes: coconut & other tropical scents

Vanilla Sand (men): subtle, sweet, yet masculine

Beauty Cream


All Bamma Butter is created in small batches. The Original Gold is created with a base of natural, unfiltered shea butter and natural oils; no synthetic products or additives. It may be used topically as a hair and scalp moisturizer, hot oil treatment, hair twists, flat-ironing (always use a heat protectant), massages, cuticles, feet, etc. The uses are as limited as you choose. Whipped butters are created with refined white shea butter. This is so the chosen scent is more profound. Bamma Butter is not ethnic-specific and may be used on any hair & skin types. For topical use only. A little goes a long way. So, you receive an excellent value in a 4 oz. jar! Store in a cool, dark place. May refrigerate to firm. 

oil image.jpg


All Bamma Oil contains natural & essential oils and may contain dried herbs or flowers. The oils may be used to moisturize and soothe the scalp, body, feet, as a cuticle & massage oil, beard oil and many other uses! Size 4 oz. bottle

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Bamma Bath Soaks contain natural & essential oils as well as organic ingredients including a variety of soaking salts, organic dry milk, spices, herbs, & dry flowers. Soak the pain and angst of the day away in one of these luxurious soaks! Size 8 oz. packet

*Oatmeal & Honey contains raw honey.



Bamma Sugar Scrubs contain certified organic sugar, natural & essential oils, and dried flowers and/ or herbs. Treat your skin by awakening it with a scrub, leaving your skin moisturized and feeling luxurious! Size 8 oz. jar



Bamma B Men's Scents were created to entice, explore, and tentalate the senses of your mate (or potential mate)...strong, sexy, masculine, natural.

MEN'S SCENTS: Regal Man, Rustic, Vanilla Sand

Medicated Lip Balms


Bamma Balms are untinted and contain natural beeswax and natural oils. Handmade in small batches. NO sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients! Size 1/4 oz. tube

FLAVORS: Canna & Hemp, KoCo, Mango, Minty, Strawberry

Image by Christian Lue


This spray is made with essential oils to dissipate (not mask) undesirable smells in private or in public...restrooms, smoke, sneakers... Size 1 oz. bottle

*This spray is not intended for body use or human consumption. Do not spray onto any surface, directly or indirectly.

FRAGRANCES: CinnaMint, Citrus







By visiting this site and making purchases, you are agreeing you are over 18 years of age.  Hair and skin products are made with essential oils and natural ingredients, including nut ingredients, and are for topical use only.  Do your own research to determine if particular oils and herbs are right for your use, especially pregnant and breastfeeding women.  As with any product, if you experience an adverse reaction, discontinue use and consult with your physician. Information and opinions provided within this disclaimer and throughout this site should not be taken as medical advice. Neither BammaB. or associated business entities, if any, guarantee the accuracy of the information. I do not own rights to any music played on this site.

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